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How to unlock 3G Data Card(Airtel,Idea,Reliance)

This can also to used to unlock any Data card like Idea netsetter,Aircel dongles  permanently Follow these simple 10 steps to unlock your wireless USB modem.
1.Download  Universal master code generator  (Download here or here ) Universal master code is used to calculate the unlock and Flash codes for Huawei E-173
You can also you DC unlocker software to get the unlock code for your modem
2.Now plugin your data card(just ) and run the software.Now enter the IMEI number which you can note down form your device.
Unlock Airtel datacard,Unload Huawei 3G modem
3.Click on the Calculate button.Now the Unlock code and the Flash code will be calculated.
4.Now insert a different Sim like Aircel or Idea or Airtel  (Different form the Data card provider)
5.You will be asked for the unlock code,enter the unlock code to unlock 3G data card.
if this method not works for you start your work from 6th step...
6.Now download and install Huawei E-173 Firmware  (Download Huawei E-173 Firmware) to update your firmware(password will be the flash code generated by the universal mastercode)
7.If the flash code or the Unlock code is asked enter the respective code previously generated.Its all done.
8.Now  you can use the mobile partner as your try this download the  Huawei Mobile partner Software (download it here)This software is a GUI to create a new profile to connect to the internet.


Raghavendra Raghu said...

thank you, its working..........

john smith said...

3G Data Card provides real time information access, fastest internet speed for video conferencing, surfing, chat and download things with high speed connectiofrom anywhere, everywhere.

Virthi Communications said...
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aksss said...

this is give 8 digit code code 14 digit how to unlock

Virthi Communications said...

Thanks for your information.. reliance gives many interesting offers for its users.

Reliance Netconnect advantage

Reliance Netconnect service offers you Hi-speed wireless internet access across India in over 24,000 towns and 6 lakh villages, as well as along major highways, railway routes, airport lounges and remote locations. Reliance's cutting edge CDMA 1x network can give you high-speed internet access, up to 144kbps.

Reliance offers Hi-Speed 1x service through a suite of Reliance Netconnect products like PCMCIA and USB Modem data cards as well as data cables for mobile phones and fixed wireless phones. These can be used to connect to the internet from your laptop and desktop.


Uninterrupted high-speed wireless internet connectivity, across 24,000 towns, 6 lakh villages and counting more.
Better surfing speeds, with download speeds up to 144 kbps.
Upto four times faster speeds than dial-up.
SMS and voice services.

Virthi Communications
Reliance data card in chennai

Prakash jesus said...

i cant unlock my RELIANCE NETCONNECT AC 2738 ZTE provider.. plz help me

maranthaen unai said...

Nice one

maranthaen unai said...

Hi aksss ,
For 14 digit modem unlock visit Here you can unlock your modem at low cost.

Kapil Sharma said...

Thanks your blog is awesome.
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